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Augmented Reality for Education

Do you know that airplane pilots use AR in foggy conditions to locate the position of the runway ?

Augmented reality has now slowly gaining popularity. Particularly in education and advertising. Our main focus for Augmented Reality (AR) is in the area of education and learning development. We develop the AR platform based on the requirements provided by our customers. The typical AR solution will be applications installed in mobile devices.

Scanning for AR targets
On devices Image capturing and sensing capabilities such as camera, GPS sensing and blue-tooth are utilized in the triggering of an AR content. There are several newer methods of triggers that could be used in the implementation of AR. Trigger targets can be on print or on digital screens.

Areas of usage
There are many different ways an AR platform can be used. Here are the key components of the AR content:

1. Content that will be played back upon successful AR activation.
2. AR activation sensing and capturing device.
3. Pre-defined triggers – e.g. Trigger images, pre-positioned beacons, GPS location data.
4. User post detection pathways and responses.

AR in Education
Below is an example of an Augmented Reality (AR) kiosks with an information wall that contains multiple triggers. In this AR solution the triggers are the images of book cover. Upon a success scanning by the user, an Augmented Reality video of a presenter talking to the user about the author of the book.

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