Campus Cloud Signage Solution - C2S2 - Mobistudios (SG)

Campus Cloud Signage Solution

Manage all your networked screens in campus or your organisation all under one cloud based CMS. Screens of any size and orientation + interactive screen.

Campus Cloud Signage Solution – C2S2. A fully cloud based digital signage Content Management Solution (CMS). Highly Secure and reliable, no message or content will be missed.

Highly secure  Cloud based CMS solution that satisfies even the stringent requirement of the Education Ministry in Singapore. Speak to out team today for a FREE demonstration session.

This advanced Cloud CMS platform not only supports current and modern file formats, it also comes with :
• an online Cloud Dashboard, Composer and Scheduler.
• Internal composer to design and compose customised interactive contents (for screen that support touch).

Recommended for:
• Education Institutions
• Universities
• Organisations with Digital Screen infrastructure
• Businesses – Food Menu and Billboard applications


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