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Digital Signage Content

Cloud based CMS allows fully remote content management

We provide digital signage content development services for:

1. Customers who already have an existing digital signage network
2. New customers who are building new signage networks

We develop both still and animated contents – including some video production contents.
The digital signage content service may also include content management. This is typically an option favoured by our customers who do not have resources within their organisation. Content management services will only be offered to our customers who have utilized cloud based content management system (Cloud CMS). What you need to prepare

The following are some of the key information that needs to be prepared by the customers prior to engagement with us.

1. Design/content brief of the content to be developed.
2. Information of final intended use device – TV screen, LED Wall, Mobile device, iPads etc.
3. The specification of the display resolution – e.g. Full-HD 1920 x 1080.
4. Orientation of the destination screen – portrait or landscape.
5. Duration of contents – mainly for animated contents.
6. Any specific Corporate colour palette – where corporate colours are compulsory.

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