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Interactive Content

Constructivism – a theory that suggest learners construct knowledge out of their experiences

Interactive contents for touch enabled devices
Interactivity in learning has been proven to assist and reinforce the process of learning. Through interactive contents, physical attributes, parameters and behaviors can be easily represented and simulated. This brings life to dull and abstract topics in any learning environment. At Mobistudios, we believe in bridging the gap in learning and education through rich and engaging interactive content that does not distract and diminish the objective of delivering the subject. The need to enhance learning through interesting interactive content has grown over the years as learners become more comfortable with interactivity in entertainment and games.

Interactive contents facilitates learning. At times, even shortening the duration required for one to grasp a concept in the subject delivered. Web-based WebApps interactive contents also enables easy access anywhere over the Internet. Interactive contents are a great add-on in the new Flip Classroom environment. Coupling a collaborative Flip classroom environment with Interactive contents has proven to be one of the most effective way for both young and adult learners.

An ideal learning environment consists of the following:

1. An interactive display device – e.g. Multi-touch whiteboard
2. A collaboration solution that enables files sharing, BYOD (bring your own device)
3. Interactive content library (to support learning and understanding)
4. A lesson recording platform for future re-presentation, revision and referencing.
5. Learning management System.

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