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Touch Screen Sensor Bezel

Multi-touch sensors allow multi-user inputs and useful for classroom environment.

An interactive touch screen can be achieved by mean of introducing a touch sensor to the size of the screen display. This will convert the non-touch screen to become an interactive touch screen. There are however some key considerations when attempting to introduce a bezel-type touch sensor to an existing screen. Here are some key points to note:

1. Size and format of screen needs to match with the sensor bezel
2. Type of screen front surface and screen construction determines if the screen can be used of touch applications
3. The resolution of the screen vs. the resolution of the sensor bezel to be used
4. Flatness of surface becomes critical for larger format screens and displays

These bezel comes in different touch sensing technology. Cost of touch bezels differs based on their sensing technology.

Infrared Touch Bezel
We supply Infra-Red type sensor bezel. These bezels come in different sizes. The illustration below shows the installation of an add-on touch sensor bezel. Bezel module thickness depends on model and manufacturer. Our front attached Infra-Red sensor modules comes in slim Infra-Red bezel housing.

The Infra-Red Touch sensor comes in various number of touch-points.
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