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Do you know that a wayfinder webapp does not require any app installation ?

Just how GPS are now a must for land travel, wayfinding platforms are now gaining popularity in indoor spaces and large human accessible facilities. A wayfinding solution takes the guessing game out of the user to orientate their current position and decides the route of advance to get to their intended destination.

The function of way finding is to provide user as much local knowledge of what he or she will overcome (e.g. stairways, elevators, directions etc) as they proceed in their journey. Wayfinding solutions will typically provide routes and directions to the destination based on the most shortest and convenient path.

We at Mobistudios provide way finding contents that can incorporate some other useful information such as :

1. Location of rooms, shops and facilities based on known address.
2. Location of closest amanities
3. Overall map and site information
4. Special offers and events happening on site
5. Entrances and exits
6. Fire safety and evacuation

Here is an example of a wayfinding content, that has been included a part of one of the digital signage kiosk solution that we have developed. The content have been customised and simplified to suit the location.

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