5 Reasons you should Advertise with Digital Signage - Mobistudios (SG)

In the new digital world, there are now countless ways for businesses to grow their audience reach. We’ve known traditional print advertising for the longest time, and most of us would have ventured into online advertising, but have you thought about the opportunities digital signage advertising can bring you?

Digital signages – this is where the traditional and digital world of advertising merge. It combines the mass reach and fundamentals of traditional advertising along with the endless possibilities of digital advertising. You now have the option to inform, educate, entertain, communicate and interact with your audience. With the growing demand for digital signages, here’s 5 reasons why you should be considering digital signage advertising too:

  1. The freedom to create

There are a few things digital signages can do that traditional posters or billboards can’t, but the main difference is that you can switch up a digital signage in a snap. Anytime. With any creative.

Without the concerns of printing feasibility, your creative ideas become unrestricted – you can choose to be as innovative and interactive as you’d like. We’ve had clients creating interactive educational displays and even augmented reality solutions.

What’s more, digital signages give you the freedom to decide when your ad placements go up. You now have the ability to implement new sales or offers in a moment’s notice.

2. Greater retention rates

What else do digital signages have that static signages don’t? Motion. With moving graphics in your signages, you’re going to grab the attention of more passers-by and attract them towards your offerings.

study showed that 71% of people found that digital signages stood out more than online ads, as they felt that it was a cooler way to receive information. In various industries, especially retail, digital signages have been a pulling factor for customers to enter a store and make a purchase decision.

3. It’s cost-effective and time-efficient

Save some money AND some time? That’s what digital signages can do for you. Without the need for print production, you’ve eliminated both the cost of print and administrative fees to get your ad up and running.

Yes, no more lengthy and costly production of traditional displays. Just a one-time payment and installation for a lifetime solution.

4. Now, you can leverage on video too

A study showed that 80% of people will watch a video as compared to 20% who would read text on a page. Don’t limit yourself to simple static ads, now, even your video ads can be popped up onto a digital signage to engage with your audience.

Humans are visual and we tend to grasp information faster and better when it is presented to us visually.

5. Fast adapting to the ever-changing landscape

With the current pandemic, many of us would have learnt that in order to continue thriving, we must learn to adapt and be versatile. The same goes for advertising.

Digital signages gives you the opportunity to continuously connect with the masses but with minimised physical contact. It can also be an avenue to share helpful information publicly – that’s exactly what we did with our recent iWalker a mobile digital media to remind the public to actively practice safe distancing measures.

Countless options, endless opportunities, one solution. Discover how you can explore digital signages for your business too.