Mobistudios Halal Digital Out of Home Advertisement Network - Mobistudios (SG)

Mobistudios first Halal Digital Out Of Home Advertisement network LED screen at a local neighbourhood food center.

They have their full digital menu board which the content can be managed at any time and from anywhere. It is a fully cloud base Content Management System at its best.

At the same time it can broadcast advertisement for other business and brands who wants to reach out to get new clients and sell more!!

Why digital out of home advertisement is powerful? Its because your possible clients once they saw your advertisement video they CANNOT SKIP OR DELETE it like all other social media ads. They will watch it till the end, not only once probably more than once.

Imagine what that can do to you marketing campaign and the number of actual engagement your brand and product can get.

Do it well together with your social media efforts, it can increase your real engagement leads by 40% and even more!!

Remember again its an advertisement media your potential clients DO NOT HAVE THE POWER TO SKIP OR DELETE once they watch it.

Contact us if you are an advertiser looking for a better advertisement platform to get more BANG for your advertisement budget.

Also contact us if you are an owner of a food stall, restaurants, cafes and other businesses that customer dwells around or in your establishment. We can help you install a good and effective digital menu board at the same time monetise it to pay for the investment. Remember a digital menu board do not have to be expensive. Definitely it can be FREE if you talk to Mobistudios.

Mohamad Sulkhi

M: +65 9730 4548


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The Boss of Lemaq Nasi Padang - Mr Suhaimi. A visionary entrepreneur, start small with a big vision.
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