What it takes to run a business during a pandemic - Mobistudios (SG)

Running a business during a pandemic is definitely no easy feat. I’m sure for many of us, none of us were prepared for COVID-19. However, when running a business, there is no time to stop and mourn over the losses you have faced, you need to pick yourself up quickly. Here are some tips I would like to share on how to tide your business through a pandemic.

Tip 1: Make sure your business is recession-proof

You may not have been prepared for COVID-19 but now is the time for you to prepare your business for all future pandemics or recessions to come. Through your experience of running your business during this time, take note of what worked and what did not work. Did you wish you had prepared some things beforehand? What are some key crisis planning areas that you should always remember? Preparation is key! Take note of these painful lessons and carry them forward as we battle through this period.

Tip 2: Can you reinvent your business?

Now is the most critical time to think if there are ways for you to further improve your business. Can you cut costs in some areas that are not necessary? Is there a way for you to automate a section of your business to cut down on the amount of staff you need? When you are put in a difficult spot, it forces you to think of a way out. Taking the time to ponder on these questions may lead you to a position where your business is better off and more streamlined than it was pre-COVID-19 because you saw the opportunities to improve your company’s infrastructure.

Tip 3: Continually check-in

Just as quickly as the pandemic hit us, things can change in an instant. It is essential to keep checking in on all aspects of your business, be it your staff or even your systems. The is no one-size-fits-all measure that you can use to fix your business. You need to continually adapt to the changing circumstances to ensure that the solutions you implement are effective. Check-in on the mental wellbeing of your staff and ask them for feedback on what else you can do to improve the company’s prospects. Having a different perspective can make all the difference in turning things around.

I hope these tips were helpful in tiding your business through a pandemic. While it may be hard at first, know that you are not alone in this.