5 Reasons you should visit Mobistudios Showroom - Mobistudios (SG)

What is Mobistudios?

Mobistudios is a digital signage provider that is able to deliver targeted content to a large range of audiences through various means such as interactive content, augmented reality and wayfinding. Having worked with a wide array of customers such as Sultan Mosque and River Valley High School, Mobistudios is able to provide customised solutions for different situations.

Convenient Location

The Mobistudios showroom is conveniently located at 11 Woodlands Close, #09-22. With it only being a 13 minute walk away from Admiralty MRT station, it’s easily accessible location allows you to cut down on travelling time while visiting the Mobistudios showroom, making it a breeze for you to find out more about digital signage.

Large Array of Digital Screens

We offer a wide variety of digital screens for both education and commercial purposes. TV screens, LED walls and touch screens are among those that Mobistudios can provide. Interactive devices can be made use of to better convey more information. Strategically placed LED walls and screens can be used to reach the correct audience for purposes like out-of-home marketing.

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iWalker Project

The iWalker is a relatively new innovation in traditionally dominated out-of-home marketing. It is a lightweight billboard that can be carried around to wherever you need your message seen. Featuring a 19” LED screen, a sunlight readable display, and speakers, it is sure to reach out and engage anyone close enough to hear the message. It also provides more data than traditional marketing with the camera attached above the screen, allowing easy a/b testing to find out how to better reach your target audience.

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4-in-1 Safe Entry

In light of the Covid-19 situation, Safe Entry in Singapore plays a vital part in preventing the spread of the disease. However, up until now, many areas in Singapore are still using manual means to ensure Safe Entry, by placing people to scan and check identity cards. The 4-in-1 Safe Entry device allows contactless safe entry while reducing the number of people required to ensure Safe Entry. Featuring a touch screen, refillable hand sanitiser station, identity card scanner and temperature scanner, the device allows you to reduce cost while still ensuring safe entry.

Private Tours

Private tours to those visiting will be provided by the director and founder of Mobistudios, Mr Sulkhi. With over 10 years of experience in digital media, I am sure to be able to answer any questions you have.

We guarantee the visit to the showroom will be worth your time, so find out more or book an appointment by contacting Mobistudios at +65 64675737 or email us at sales.mobistudios.com.sg. You can also visit our website to find out more about the services we offer.